Tennessee started the Butch Jones era with a shutout against you and ten of your buddies. The offshore line on this game was in the region of 51 points. Had Tennessee trotted out the first team in the second half, they would have covered that by 28 or more. 


That said, there is very little you can take away from a game like this other than a mark in the win column. A few quick thoughts:



- Worley disappointed me a bit. Nice stat line, but he was consistently late on his throws and behind the receiver. A luxury you are afforded against an opponent like Austin Peay... not so much against (insert any SEC team here). That said, he certainly looks like our best option at the moment. 



- Very pleased with both (first team) lines. They did what they were supposed to do. To say the 2nd team OL worries me would be a massive understatement.




- Assuming the OL stays healthy, both Neal and Lane will have big years. Neal ran with confidence. Lane looked very comfortable in between the tackles.



- Regardless of the opponent, it is very apparent that this team has bought in to Butch Jones and company. Very refreshing to see that kind of excitement on the sideline.



- Our 2nd team is very slow. We knew this going in, but seeing it against a team like Austin Peay really drove it home.This team simply cannot afford injuries, especially the first half of the season.




- I see no way we lose a game this season. 




Go Damn Vols.