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1 - Grade Butch Jones to this point. Back up your grade with reasons.



@RecruitingUT -  I would honestly so far grade Butch Jones a 10 out of 10. Although he hasn't coached in a single game yet he has: Fueled a hungry fan base & has the fan base's 100% backing, brought back former UT players/legends, has so far brought in an absolutely monstrous class, and has dealt with the media wonderfully. Of course he won't go undefeated in his entire tenure at Tennessee but I'm almost 100% positive that he has us headed towards the right direction (competing for National Titles and SEC Titles). But really, Butch so far has done an unreal job and to me he really hasn't done anything really wrong yet in his tenure. 




@JohnMcNatt - At this point I would have to give Butch Jones a solid A grade. Everything the man has said and done to this point has given not only this fan base a new energy, but it has translated into the '14 recruiting class. It feels like the fan base and the city of Knoxville as a whole have been reunited and are seeing brighter days ahead. The verdict is still out on what his final grade will be, but as of July he absolutely deserves an A, if not A+.​






2 - How many years should Butch Jones have to get this team back to 9-11 wins? Why?



@RecruitingUT - Coach Jones should have about 3 years to get our program back to 9-11 wins. I say this because in Year 1 I expect 6-7 wins, Year 2: I expect 7-8 wins, and Year 3 & beyond I expect: 8 to 11 win seasons almost every single year. By Year 3 I say Coach Jones & Staff captures 9-10 wins because you figure the 2014 Class will be Sophomores (Not counting the Redshirts in that class) and the 2015 Class will be Freshmen and also you cannot forget the 2013 Class (who will be Juniors by then) that features studs such as: WR Marquez North, DE Jason Carr, DE Corey Vareen, ATH Jalen Reeves-Maybin, QBs Riley Ferguson & Josh Dobbs, and so on. So with all of that being stated, Butch should start having 9-11 win seasons by Year 3 or 4 of his tenure.​




@JohnMcNatt -  I would say 3 years is fair, but I would give him a 4th if year 3 is an 8 win season. When the recruiting class he's putting together right now gets to Knoxville it's only a matter of time before the wins start piling up. Patience is key right now, but I think 3-4 years should be the expectation for when we'll see our Vols in contention again. Butch is a great coach and more importantly a winner, and if he continues to stock the cupboards we're in good hands.​




3 - Expectations for this year? 



@RecruitingUT - As I said in Question Number 2- I expect 6 to 7 wins this year. This is a team that features over 20 Seniors and I feel that the leadership/heart/intensity will be there as the talent will also but this team has to play an absolute killer schedule featuring road games such as: Oregon, Alabama, and Florida plus we get games at home featuring 2 Top 10 teams: Georgia and South Carolina. With that being said, I think we collect the so called "easy" wins: Austin Peay, South Alabama, & Western Kentucky, then get wins against "middle/lower tier" SEC teams such as: Missouri, Vanderbilt, Kentucky, and Auburn.  Finally, we could pull an upset at Neyland either over South Carolina or UGA, who both struggle playing against UT and will have to come into College Football's most feared stadium: Neyland. So all in all, the safest bet would be 6 to 8 wins in the regular season and then I also think we win the Bowl Game too.​




@JohnMcNatt - My main expectation for this season is to see a team that flies to the ball and plays their asses off every Saturday. I think we'll see a team that we can be proud of as fans every week. That being said, I expect 7 wins in the regular season with a possible 8th in a bowl. Our offensive line is second to none, and our offense will have to rely heavily on them to succeed. I expect our defense to be the most improved unit in the league. We can win 7 without beating a single ranked opponent, and I expect us to knock of UGAy or USCe, so 7 shouldn't be an unrealistic number at all.​





4 - Current commit you are most looking forward to seeing on the field this fall




@RecruitingUT - I will narrow it down to 4 guys that I'm looking forward to seeing on the field this Fall: WR Marquez North, DE Corey Vareen, and QBs Josh Dobbs and Riley Ferguson. First off, North is a game changer at the Wide Receiver position, he has the size, the hands, the athleticism, etc. and if he can get the playbook down, he could have a major impact on this team. Secondly, I cannot wait to see Vareen on the DLine. He absolutely tore up Spring practice this year and also the Orange & White game where he had 4 sacks in the 1st Half of the game. His pass-rushing skills will immediately make him a vital part of the DLine corp. Finally, I'm very anxious about the 2 "young guns" at QB: Josh Dobbs and Riley Ferguson. Dobbs has the intelligence (4.0 GPA and Aerospace Engineering major) and threw 33 TDs his Senior year against good GA HS competition. Then you have Ferguson who has lost 2 games since his Pop Warner days (which is super impressive) and threw 53 TDs his Junior year but was limited his Senior year because of an injury but still threw over 20 TDs. One thing about both Dobbs and Ferguson though is they both must put on weight before they hit the field because playing in the SEC takes a toll on everybody, especially the jarring hits QBs take.​





@JohnMcNatt - It's a tie for me between Marquez North and Cory Vereen. I think both of those guys will be immediate playmakers for us in the fall and should be fun to watch. We're in desperate need of a playmaker on both the outside of our offense and of the defensive edge, and both of those guys have that kind of
ability. Getting a dependable receiver and pass rusher could be the difference between going bowling & going home for the Vols come December. As a
bonus I think Reevis-Maybin could see some meaningful playing time early on and could be big for us.​





5 - Does James Franklin's head look like a penis?



@RecruitingUT -  No comment.​




@JohnMcNatt -  Simply put, yes. That ass clown really just grinds my gears. It's gonna be fun to watch him cower and Butch puts up his orange fence around Tennessee. If he's in Nashville in 3 years I will be absolutely shocked. But yes, he has a penis sitting a top his shoulders for sure. Go Vols​