I shall preface the following with a quick statement about how we operate. FeelsLike98 receives information from various sources who are in a position to have knowledge of various situations involving the atheltic program at The University of Tennessee. We receive the latest buzz and attempt to relay it as quickly as possible. We do this to provide you the reader with potential news before it is released in the form of a press release from credentialed media. In doing that, we run the risk of these fluid scenarios going a different direction. One that comes to mind is the Randy Shannon story. We ran with that one quickly as an attempt to "break" another story when only a verbal agreement was in place. As I have learned in this industry, verbal agreements are subject to change (see: the planned dismissal of Derek Dooley this week that changed before the sun came up Monday morning). We are not going to change our business model, but have certainly learned to research stories a little better. 


Anyway, I feel you will enjoy the following information we have become privy to. 


As of this moment, there is discussion with Jon Gruden regarding becoming the next coach at the University of Tennessee. As we understand it, there are still a few road blocks (national advertising contracts with Corona/Hooters, etc), but both sides are attempting to overcome them. The money is astronomical, but I believe everyone understands what a name like that would do to the program in terms of generating revenue. 


While none of that is breaking news, the following is. We have learned that the AD has a target of certain "big name" coaches. If we cannot come to an agreement with Gruden, the next two on the list are Charlie Strong and Tommy Tubberville. If we reach an agreement with any of these 3 (could be other names, but these are the 3 we have confirmed from someone directly involved), Derek Dooley will be dismissed immediately. 


As I said, the plan is to keep Dooley on the staff as they try to reach an agreement with one of their targets. I am told a loss down the stretch could force their hand, and an interim coach would be put in place while the new coach finishes their season.


Now, what if none of the big names come? We have been informed that should this scenario play out, the plan is to keep Dooley for another year with the understanding that Sal Sunseri does not return.



That's all for now. And a note to our new source.... Very, very honored that you like our site. 



Go Vols. Go America.