While most sites will likely report about the team and their stretching routines today, allow us to bring you some relavent information. 


As a surprise to me, NFL Scouts representing the Seahawks, Colts, Jets, and Chargers were in attendance today. They were so kind as to reveal some of their thoughts on a few players. 


First, I can tell you that DT Dan McCullers is on the NFL radar. Obviously loved his size and seemed impressed with his ability to control the line. 


Another tells me they "have heard a ton of things about #90 (Steven Fowlkes). 


As for Tyler Bray, a scout tells me that, while he has all the tools, "his rap sheet is keeping him as a late first round projection at this point. Perhaps a team could take a chance on him earlier." I was honestly surprised that the fairly harmless issues Bray has had lately made this much of a difference. My guess is they change their tune after he lights it up this year.


When discussing Da'rick Rogers, the consensus seemed to be a "late first round, but more likely an early 2nd round pick at this point." I pushed for reasons, but was shut down. To my novice eye, this was a baffling projection.


The scouts were absolutely in love with Justin Hunter. To quote a scout, "if healthy, I'd take him anywhere from 10-15. He is just an absolutely phenomenal athlete, and you cannot teach that."


There was a heated exchange between a media member and a Tennessee employee. I will not air it out here, however you can find it on our message board, Cumberland Avenue                                         


As for the practice, they threw the ball, caught it, and tackled each other.