The following will be just a list of things that we noticed from todays scrimmage at Science Hill High School and are in no particular order.

The scrimmage was closely guarded. Police officers were set up around the outside are of the field not letting people get any closer than around 100yds. To quote a Knoxville journalist that I over heard, "today would be a good day to rob a bank in Johnson City."

Even the voice of the Vols, Bob Kessling, was forced to view the scrimmage from the parking lot.



Neal ran hard and fast all scrimmage long.  Took a 65 yard run to the house on a counter to the left, behind Tiny and Cordarelle.



Devrin returned punts well.  Probably wont show up in the stats but he did take one back. The play was called dead so that the offense could have a series, but he was free and clear when the whistle blew.  He also ran for a td on a redzone draw play.  Looked confident and ran really strong all day.  Broke a few tackles.



Lane was disappointing as he didn’t really do much of anything.



Cordarrelle Patterson had two or three balls thrown to him.  Mainly played around with Pig on the sidelines.  Had one terrific catch, jumping over Teague and Randolph to grab the ball. Dooley commented afterwards by basically saying that it’s hard to really see what a guy in the red jersey can do. If the defensive back hits him, the head coach yells at him, if the back pulls up and lets him catch it then the defensive coordinator yells at him (Patterson has been wearing a red jersey this week due to a sore shoulder).


Cordarrelle is silly and very handsome.



Justin King was under center in a wildcat package a few times. Actually didn’t look that bad.  King is pretty comfortable under center.  King was a wildcat QB in high school.



Hunter took a lot on punts and kick offs.  Also had a few end arounds, reverses, and the like.  Hunter took a few good hits today. Seemed ok.



Da'rick didn’t get much action and kinda goofed off for the first ¾ of the scrimmage.  Then he turned it on.  Broke three tackles on a 60 yard catch from Bray for a TD.  Caught two consecutive passes on the next series(ish) for about 50 yards.  Set up Palardy’s game winner.  Dominated when he wanted to. Also danced after being tackled.



Teague played his ass off.  Broke up around 4 passes throughout the day. Made an impression.



McCullers commanded a double-team.  Sentimore is intense, plays hard and fast.  Maggitt was all over the field.  They had McCullers, Sentimore, Jac and Curt on the line, and Fugate and AJ rounding off the LB’s.  They did really well, owned the line and sent Bray out of the pocket quite a bit.



Sal is loud and intense.



Chaney is hilarious.



Queshaun Watson looked bad.  Muffed like 900 punts, fumbled handoffs, didn’t look good.  His one bright spot was a long run.



Corey Miller was predominately with the 2’s but looked good and made quite an impact imo. 



Marlon Walls was pretty quiet, except when he had sentimore and McCullers on the field.



Jac played hard, made a pretty large impact on the run game.



Jacob Carter had a few nice catches and a TD (maybe)



Fowlkes looks like an NFL play and didnt do too bad.



Bonner got some first team action.



Palardy “won” the scrimmage off a 47 yard field goal.



Lathers was held out, Probst took his spot a few times.



The official stat sheet shows 300 yards rushing, alot of that was the #1 offense vs the #2 defense.



While the official scrimmage type was #1 vs #2, it kind of a hybrid. Lots of young guys and backups were given more chances than normal to show up. I would say it was more of a 1.5 vs 1.5 scrimmage, if that makes sense.



The o-line seemed to wax and wane with their intensity.  There were times when they were doing whatever they wanted, and other times they were false starting and getting owned.



On the side line the O-line tended to goof off alot.



And finally...

The o-line pissed Zim off (Zim, a member of our message board, said they joked around too much on the sidelines. It should be noted that zim is serious as a heart attack, lacks humor, and is in general a mean person).


Feel free to check out our photos from today, yesterday, and a few from the spring scrimmage: