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Hello, fellow Vol Fans. “Fellow”. See I can use that word because, well, I’m a Vol Fan. Just like you. I’ve been a Vol Fan ever since I can remember. My brother, since he can remember. My father, since he can remember. You get the point, I hope, perhaps because my story is similar to yours? 

Maybe you remember, like me, the run in the 90s. The optimism around the program. The level of play. The atmosphere, my goodness, the atmosphere around game days. The time when you would gather with your family at the tailgate. Barely concerned about losing the game later that night, because that rarely happened. The Vols won. They were better than everyone else. They won. That’s. just. what. they. did. You, remember now don’t you? Or perhaps. Or perhaps you never forgot. You never forgot what it felt like to be that good. To feel that hopeful. To feel that happy.

There’s a website that wants you to feel that again. A site where, optimism is at its peak. Bursting at the seams. Full of life. Full of energy. Full of positivity. A site that sees the best in players. The best in coaches. That sees the greatness of the Vols brought back to life. A site that wants you to feel, with CONFIDENCE, that greatness is right around the corner, when we know it to be true. To feel what you felt as a kid. To feel like it was 1998 all over again.

But some people don’t want you to feel that way.

Did you know that?

I’ll say it again. Some people, don’t want YOU, to feel that way.

Who? Who could be so callous? A gator? So cold? A bamer? So heartless? A tiger? No. Would you believe these people, these people who don’t want YOU to feel THAT way, claim to be Vol Fans? Yes, they say they are Vol fans.

Certainly not. You’ll say. Certainly not. But think about what you hear on the radio from Mr. Hyams. No. He's just, well.... Think about what you read in the paper from Mr. Adams. Cert- Certainly not. He did sort of... Think about the interview questions from Ms. Harrington. She can't help...Think about the tweets from Mr. Travis. Think about the deceit from Mr. Basilio. Think about the bias of Mr. Dearstone. Think about the spite of Mr. Griffith. Think about the complaints from Mr. Rucker. Think about the negativity. Think about the pessimism. Think about the absurdity. Think. Think. Certainly. CERTAINLY! And when you THINK it all becomes CLEAR.

But they don’t want you to think. They’d rather you listen. Don’t speak, sheep, listen to my opinion. That’s what they think of you. Their flock. Listen to how bad I say the Vols will be. Listen to how bad I say the characters of our players are. Listen to my lies. Listen to my absurdity. My opinion is fact. You have no choice.

Another site says otherwise? Censor them. Censor their name. Censor their hope. Censor their swagger. Change the rules of the game. But just for the new guys. Us old guys, us vets, we don’t have to follow them. What rules? That’s what the established media think. That they’re above the rules. That they’re above the criticism. Oh yes. They’ll claim they want fairness for everyone. But behind closed doors, they band together to set the tone of hopelessness. It's easier to be hopeless. It's easier to give up. To be negative. To them, that’s the fairness. Let's all have the same narrative. Everyone be hopeless about the Vols. Fair is fair. Don’t deviate.


Who is this man

Not anymore. I’m sorry what did you say? I said not any more. I said no longer will you tell me what to think about my Vols. My eyes are opened. My vision, 98/20. My swagger. The Vols swagger. Is coming back. And you can’t stop it. We won’t let you hold us down any longer.

And after you begin to think, you begin to see. You begin to see what was right there in front of you the entire time. Their motives. Their agenda. Right in front of you. The Knoxville Media. You see them for what they have become. Shame on them.