More Than Meets the Eye: Da’Rick interviews Da’Rick Rogers  For quite some time I have been chomping at the bit to interview the man in orange; and only until recently my attempts to get a foot in the door have failed miserably. However, my relentless efforts have yielded information available to no other soul in the universe. What you are about to subject your eyes, body, and soul to is a written, first-hand account of what it is like to live on God’s green earth as Knoxville’s chosen one, half-beast/half-angel, Da’Rick Rogers. exclusive.As I neared closer to the address given to me, a sense of adrenaline and a touch of nervousness took control of my body. I turned onto the brick driveway, through the opened iron-clad gate held in place by stone columns, and made my way to the front door of the most extravagant college student residence I had ever seen. A little man in a white tuxedo opened my car door, smiled and motioned for me to step out. As I did so, he grabbed my things from me and led me up to the front door. The door swung open, and standing there with a brown Louis Vuitton robe covering his body, was the Da’Rick Rogers.“That’ll do, Frederick, run along now,” he said to the man who helped me from my car. At this point I had more questions running through my mind than defensive lineman through Tennessee’s backfield last year. “How are you? Any trouble finding the location of the estate?” interrogated Rogers. “No, no-no-none a-a-at-at all.” I nervously replied. “Damnit, get yourself together,” I embarrassingly thought to myself. He led me into what he called “the great room” where I assumed the interview would be taking place.“Have a seat. Voss? Fiji?” he nonchalantly said. “Umm… what?” I retorted. “Do you prefer Voss water or Fiji water? I have both prepared, as I had no idea what your preference was beforehand.” “Ohhhhhhh, Voss is fine thank you.”Finally we were both seated adjacent to one another, and after a few sips from his glass of water he nodded his head as a gesture to begin the interview. I took a second to breathe and take everything in. I was actually here, in the home of Da’Rick. I took another moment to study him. Unbelievably luscious, creamy dark skin wrapped around muscles that would make Zeus blush. It really was remarkable how much energy and spirit I could feel emanating from his body all over me without him saying a word.“So, Mr. Rog-,” “Please. Call me Da’Rick,” he interrupted. “I apologize. So, Da’Rick,” I said, “well, first of all, I have to wonder - how does a college athlete like yourself have such an elaborate and costly home?”He chuckled. “It’s really quite simple. When I was about 5 years old I ordered my legal guardian to dump everything he had in my college fund that he started for me, into Apple stock.” He then pointed to a framed picture of him and Steve Jobs sitting on a jet ski together. “Steve was a great man. A true pioneer and dear friend.” He wiped away the tear running down his cheek and we moved on.During the awkward pause, he reached into his robe pocket, pulled out the biggest blunt of marijuana I had ever seen, and he fired it up.“Don’t worry, I have a prescription,” he said as he winked.**The rest of the interview will now be presented in a Q&A format.**Q: There have been rumors floating around about how you have brought cancer upon the locker room and was actually asked to leave a team meeting for being disruptive. Do you have anything to say about such rumors?A: Prime example of how effectively and quickly the media misconstrues facts these days. As for myself bringing cancer in the locker room – it could not be further from the truth. I am doing a private study on the side for a 400-level Chemistry class, which happens to be working on finding a cure for cancer. Since studies come first for me, with football being a close second, I keep half of my research and lab equipment for the project in my locker so I can record the data I find from cancer cells in between football practice sessions. So I guess technically, I actually have brought cancer to the locker room.When I was asked to leave the team meeting, I was recording data for my project under the table and when I realized my hypothesis for the experiment came to fruition, I screamed and made a scene. Everything is fine now, Derek apologized to me after I explained to him the reason for my disruption. 250+ lives from all over the world have been spared since my findings on that day.Q: Do you plan on leaving early for the NFL?A: I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a 3-and-done player. However, I will graduate a year early with a degree in Nuclear Biochemical Physics with a double minor in Law and Mandarin Chinese, and my plan is to donate my entire NFL salary to the under-privileged children of Uganda.Q: What is in your CD rotation currently? You can only choose 3.A: I have been known to be a bit of a music snob. I’ve really been into Sinatra’s older stuff as of late. Love him, so original. The Beetles and Eric Clapton are all-time favorites as well. But at the moment I would say Sinatra, Enya, and Yo Gotti’s entire Cocaine Muzik mixtape collection is also brilliant work.Q: Any plans after your NFL career?A: I would love to get into politics. I have so many ideas and lucrative business plans floating around in my head, it would be a travesty if I kept them to myself and didn’t share my knowledge with the American people. Don’t even get me started on that Barack Obama goof. The Democratic party really ruined what little good public perception they previously had, if any, by standing behind him. I believe this year’s election will be more crucial than ever in determining the future of our country. Mitt Romney and I have an email chain and we are doing everything in our power to get this nation back to its republican roots. Mitt’s a good guy.Q:  I had no idea you were so well-versed in politics. Thoughts on same-sex marriage?A: Helllllllll naw homie that’s gross. I aint about no naked dudes. I ain’t Zach Rogers.Q: Favorite professional athlete?A: Dale Jr. Next.Q: Favorite food?A: Stewed Calamari. A close second would be the Chicken and Biscuit bowl from KFC.Q: What do you fill your time with when you’re not shredding SEC defenses?A: I am an avid gardener. I am secretary of the Knox County Garden Association. I also enjoy a nice Sudoku puzzle.Q: Favorite childhood memory?A: Designing a poster that ended up being selected for a “Mothers Against Drunk Driving” advertisement campaign.Q: What is something that not a lot of people know about you?A: I live a life of celibacy and free of alcohol. I think those two things really sidetrack kids from reaching their goals these days, now more than ever.Q: Favorite drink?A: GrapeQ: You were arrested your freshman year for disorderly conduct in a bar. What was that all about?A: Man, I tapped a guy on the shoulder to see if he would be interested in joining my Bible study. Next thing I know he’s swinging his Bud Light at me. Before I could blink I was behind bars in jail. When I was sitting there in the holding cell, all I could think about was how similar my situation was to the New Testament story of King Herod having Peter the Apostle arrested.Q: Last question. Thoughts on the upcoming season?A: Where in Knoxville can I go to figure out what size ring I wear?