Stop me if you've heard this before - Something negative has happened to the University of Tennessee and their athletic program.


Former Tennessee running back Jay Graham left South Carolina to come back to his alma mater. It was a perfect story. Solid recruiter, solid coach, former Vol great. This was a guy who would NEVER leave Tennessee.





It was announced this morning that Jay Graham, the man who just two months ago raved about how happy he was here, has left to go coach at Florida State. I mean, did he miss the chance to go against Sal Sunseri's lethal swiss cheese defense in practice or something?



In all seriousness, this is an odd move, but perhaps not one that was incredibly unexpected inside the program. It appears that this could have been in the works for a while.



So, what did we lose? In my opinion, we lost a solid positions coach that are quite honestly a dime a dozen. We lost a guy who whiffed on quite a few running backs this class, and scrambled to sign a late reach (Jabo Lee). Graham was the lead recruiter for Marquez North. However, North would have come to play for Derek Dooley (laugh now). 


So, all in all, the reason this is news is because Jay played here. Butch Jones has an opportunity to land another recruiter.. and there are plenty out there to be had. If I had it my way, Jones would go get Trooper Taylor and his 12 foot towel. But, as us Tennessee fans have learned over the past decade, things do not typically go our way.




Don't come back to Knoxville, Jay.