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The first Tennessee season I experienced as a student was 2004.  I went to a few games prior to that over the years, but at that time I was not a huge Tennessee fan.  Regardless of that unfortunate fact, I did enjoy watching them play.  When you attend games without a true rooting interest, you view in game production a bit differently, particularly the videos.  



In game videos can seem a bit cheesy and borderline cultish when you don’t have a rooting interest.  If you don’t believe me, attend one (1) minute of a Georgia home game and count the Herschel Walker references.  



Some of the first videos I remember were the “This is Tennessee” series where a quick, 60second montage of Vols being badass Vols is played in front of cool music – at the time, I remember it was Swingtown by Steve Miller Band.  They produced one per game, and they were always great—past week highlights, jabs at the current opponent, or homoerotic videos of injured players rehabbing injuries.   



Fast forward to 2012, and you get a “This is Tennessee” of Eric Berry buying his dad a Blue Tick Hound roughly 200 times.  



Fast forward to this past Saturday, and you get current Tennessee players in pads taking Gatorade facials and exploding liquid oranges to techno music in the middle of the 1st Quarter.  It is painful trying to explain this without being able to provide you the video proof, but that would require UTSports.com or youtube.com/utsportstv posting in game videos (or at least intros) like every other SEC school.



Here are a couple of other highlights/lowlights from Saturday vs. Austin Peay



Pre-kickoff Video – MAJOR upgrade over the Weird Al Yankovich 2012 pre-kickoff video.  The 2013 video was able to make Transformer sound effects and CAD drawings cool.  All of this could be credited to the Butch Jones comments airing over the video.  These comments were recorded as Butch was yelling during a practice which sounds 100% better than these cheesy lines from Gus Malzahn in the Auburn opener on Saturday . Nothing gets me fired up like coach-speak from an intro presser.



End of 1st Quarter – In a monumentally genius move, UT trotted out all 3 “major” womens’ sports teams last week to “honor” them for their “accomplishments.”  The UT swimming, softball, and basketball teams were trotted out between quarters while Jimmy the Cheek and Dinosaur Dave Hart gave hugs and handshakes.  In years past this would have taken three weeks, and they would have chosen the Georgia, South Carolina, and Auburn games.  



3rd Q 13:00 – Motherfucking Section J starts the damn wave while we are on offense.  WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT SECTION J?  The only thing worse than the wave itself is watching the mouth breathers in Section J try to rev up the crowd and then cheer for the wave as it makes it past section X1.  Brutal.



This is really all I have from last week since the game was unbearably boring, it was Austin Peay, and I hadn’t been to Cool Beans in 2 years.   Unfortunately I’ll likely be staying the entire (close) game vs. WKU this Saturday.



Bonus Material:




Bobby Denton Does Names: Welcome to the team, “Marion Walls.”  7 year recruit, 6th year lineman Marlon Walls makes a sack and his loyalty is rewarded by Bobby Denton doing what Tennessee announcers do best, butcher names.




Bad Trends:  A new year means new, cheesy shit for Stan from Lenoir City and his friends.  Campus was infected with BUTCHPLEASE gear.  If you want to spot a future guy who will make dad jokes, look for BUTCHPLEASE tshirts.