Welcome to our inaugural edition of #ChickByChick

As long as Butch Jones keeps bringing us bricks, we will continue to bring you chicks.


Now, sit back and enjoy a refreshing shot of Paton (lol that was corny as shit).




Bio - Paton Fellows. 23 years old. Received a Bachelors in Marketing and currently working on my Masters in French at UT. Former sorority girl turned nerd.




Q: Thoughts on former head coach Derek Dooley.



A: Dooley was way out of his element at a school as big as UT. Don't get me wrong I loved his orange pants but that just won't cut it.



Q: Thoughts on head coach Butch Jones.



A: Coach Jones seems to be more capable of handling the spotlight and returning Tennessee’s football program back to a place in college football where its fans are used to being. We have already seen a tremendous improvement in recruiting, which is more than what Dooley could say. I am pumped to see what he has in store for us this season!



Q: Do you do the "whoo" thing when singing Rockytop?



A: Of course I do. Don't all Vols fans?



Q: What percent of your male friends do you think you know more about Tennessee football than?



A: Well considering that all my guy friends bleed orange the percentage is pretty low, but I would like to think that I can hold my own with the big boys.



Q: Panties or not under the early season sun dresses?



A: That all depends on whether it’s a definite win or loss. But I'm confident to say that with Butch it will be a panty droppin’ season.



Q: Flattops...



A: hmmmm.....I would have to say completely irresistible...but that's just me.



Q: Tailgating rituals? gameday routine? favorite spots to go out on campus? common misconceptions?



A: Always starts off with mimosas no matter what. Routine is simple....wear orange, drink, sing rockytop, and drink more. Favorite spots on campus definitely would be OCI (well the old one) but now the new Sunspot. If not there, you can find me at Suttrees or Downtown Grill (Mug Club Member). Common misconceptions are that girls know nothing about football and just look at boys in tight pants... the first one is not always true but the second one definitely is!



Q: Favorite Tailgate of All Time?



A: Florida last year - hosted by none other than FeelsLike98. I look forward to coming to them this year.