The Tennessee Volunteers 1998 offense may not have been the best offense in Tennessee history, but a case can be made that they were by far the most complete. Simply having guys like Tee Martin, Chad Clifton, Peerless Price, and Shawn Bryson made them good, but when you added in the stable of running backs the 98 team had, they were very impressive. Travis Henry, Jamal Lewis, Travis Stephens could have all probably started on an SEC team that year, and Tennessee had all 3 of them at their disposal. While the individual stats, other than Martins, may not look impressive, it was mostly due to the fact that there was only 1 ball to go around to roughly 6 different play makers. Peerless Price fell short of 1,000 yards, yet 2 other receivers had close to or more than 500 yards. Travis Henry fell 30 yards short of 1,000, but Lewis and Stephenson had almost 500 yards each with Lewis gaining his yards in just 4 games. Paired with offensive mastermind David Cutcliffe, this offense was very tough to beat.