Many times people over look a key component to footballs running game. The component that’s overlooks is not the running back or the offensive line, it’s the fullback. In 1998 the man that was in that situation for the Vols was fullback Shawn Bryson. Virtually the unsung hero of the Vols running game, Bryson set up blocks all season long for Vol legends Travis Henry, Jamal Lewis, and Travis Stephens.  Bryson started all 13 games of the 1998 season racking up 367 yards and 5 touchdowns, including a 52 yard run against the Gators. After the 1998 Championship Season, Bryson was drafted in the 3rd round of the 1999 draft to the Buffalo Bills. Bryson would have a successful career in the NFL playing for the Bill and the Detroit Lions over a 7 year period. In the NFL Bryson tallied 2,000 yards rushing and 1,300 yards receiving. Most recently Bryson was in the news for completing his degree at the University of Tennessee. Just last December, Bryson completed his degree all while commuting from Atlanta every Tuesday and Thursday during the 2011 fall semester.