Wendy's is really pissing me off lately. If you will recall, I did not approve of the new chili cheese fries because of the bland substance they call "cheese" dumped all over the place.Now they are taunting me with this new "W" burger. I assume this is their attempt at a signature hamburger. Well, if this is their signature then they may want to grab another piece of paper and start over. Let's break down this confused burger, one component at a time. First the "buttered bun". Now, I am a huge fan of butter and butter flavored foods. But this thing is a bit much. It's almost artificial tasting. Yuck.The sauce. LOL @ this sauce. It's supposedly a special sauce. Special in what regard......being gross? You win Wendy's Please, take this burger out of my stomach and put it back in your restaurant. I wish I had never eaten it.