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Nashville, See Me After Class



Recently I came across an open letter to James Franklin, penned by a (presumed) Vanderbilt fan out of Nashville. The source of the late-term can be found here: http://fox17.com/news/features/top-stories/stories/an-open-letter-james-franklin-18978.shtml

I continue to be baffled by most Vanderbilt fans’ responses to Franklin leaving. It’s not so much their anger as it is their delusion, and this letter is a good example of it. I know they’re probably not in the right state of mind to think clearly on these things, so I thought it would be a good help if I went through the letter and showed them what I mean (my comments in bold).

———————————————BEGIN LETTER————————————————-

An open letter to James Franklin

Mr. Franklin,

In your haste to leave Nashville for Pennsylvania (first, an interesting opening by “leaving (city) for (state)”, why not (city) for (city)? $10 says the author doesn’t know which city Penn State is in), you neglected to pack your moral compass (here we go). It’s one thing to spend three years at a school and use it as a stepping stone to a better job. (and… the other thing?)


It’s quite another (oh there’s the other thing, needed its own paragraph) to leave your former school in shambles by taking its recruits with you.Thanks to you Mr. Franklin, Vanderbilt had a top 25 recruiting class. (so he was doing his job)

But now, according to one recruiting expert, there are just three solid commits out of a class of 20 (no one wants those 3 in other words).


And with less than three weeks before signing day and no head coach, Vanderbilt has no way to convince the recruits to stay and no way to recruit new players (well…they could…hire a head coach?).


It’s one thing to leave a school (what’s the other thing? oh yeah you do the paragraphs thing).


It’s quite another to devastate it on the way out the door.


You have taken three Vanderbilt players with you Mr. Franklin and at least four more have posted on Twitter that they have scholarship offers from you to play at Penn State (not players yet, recruits, big difference).


Your response? (“wasn’t me” /shaggy lol you guys remember that song? I think it came out in 98)


“My job now is to do everything I possibly can to help Penn State be successful.”


I understand loyalty to the source of your paycheck but what about loyalty to the people who made the paycheck possible? (Franklin is 41 years old, he was at Vandy for 3 years…the majority of people who made the paycheck possible are in the first 38)


Vanderbilt took a chance on you as an offensive coordinator at a moribund University of Maryland football program offering you a chance to be a head coach in the SEC with no previous head coaching experience. (Maryland was 9-4 coming off a top 25 ranking when Franklin left, Vanderbilt was 4-20 the prior 2 years, which program was moribund? Who took a chance on who?)


Are they not deserving of your loyalty?


When asked specifically about taking Vanderbilt recruits Mr. Franklin you replied, “I don’t know what the rules are there.” (to be fair he probably literally does not know, he is very dumb)


Let me help you with the rules.


Here’s the only one you need to remember: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. (not technically a rule, more of a saying, I’m looking for something with a little more legality behind it)


You claim the recruiting process is about the relationship between you and the kid’s family and their trust in you to take care of their son in college.


How can they trust you to teach football or anything else when you clearly don’t know right from wrong. (Bobby Petrino cheated on his wife, breaking an actual rule, yet still coaches the shit out of football)


In a beautifully karmic scenario this fall, Ohio State will run up the score on Penn State by some ridiculous score like 62-3.


And during the postgame handshake when you’re asking Urban Meyer, WTH? He’ll respond with, “My job is to do everything I possibly can to help Ohio State be successful.” (why would that be karma? wouldn’t that just prove that philosophy works?)


No one is denying you the right to help Penn State be successful Mr. Franklin. (just crying about it)

But you don’t have to do it at Vanderbilt’s expense; a team with just 6 winning seasons since 1960, thank you for two of those Mr. Franklin. (lol is this a real stat? I’m gonna wikiped- HOLY SHIT YOU ALL ARE TERRIBLE)


You could teach your players a good lesson about not stepping on the backs of others in climbing the ladder of success but your actions will speak louder than your words.


Your moral compass is still waiting for you in Nashville Mr. Franklin, but you better come get it quickly. (why? where is it going? who’s stealing it? can we stop them? what’s the pawn value of a compass? so many questions)


It’s obvious you’re in need of it.


Sincerely, Nashville, TN (Sincerely, a small subset of Nashville who roots for the minority team in town)

———————————————— END LETTER —————————————-

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